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Most Expensive Olive Oil In The World

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As any of the chefs can just tell you, the olive oil is known to be among some healthiest cooking oils that you can just use. Here we will discuss most expensive olive oil in the world. Studies have also shown benefits for those people suffering from the ulcers, the heart disease and also the high cholesterol. Of course, it is just also one of most expensive olive oil in the world. The most expensive olive oil in this world is just called the Lambda and is produced by the Speiron Co.

World's Most Expensive Olive Oil

in the Greece. The oil is also labeled as the Ultra-Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil and also the Koroneiki olives just used to make the Lambda are just harvested by the hand and also first cold pressed to just produce somewhat fruity and also well balanced flavor.

World's Most Expensive Olive Oil

The oil is just even packaged by the hand in the attractive around 500 ml bottle. Ordered just directly from the Speiron, the Lambda just costs around €40.90 that is US $54 for per bottle or even around €150 that is US $200 in some special gift box. For somewhat truly extravagant, the Speiron just offers bespoke and hand-crafted case with around two 18k gold plates one of which is also along with bottle, bears owner’s name for price of around €11,000 that is US $14,698.

World's Most Expensive Olive Oil

Lambda is the high-design most expensive olive oil in the world with sticker shock price and the supplier, which is the award-winning Kritsa Cooperative on the Crete have just parted the ways, a source at cooperative just told the Olive Oil Times. Business disagreements were also cited as cause of this split.

World's Most Expensive Olive Oil

Lambda was just started by the Giorgos Kolliopoulos who also developed concept of ultra-premium olive oil in the year 2007 through the luxury food and also the beverage company, the Speiron based in the Athens. In interview just earlier during this year, the Kolliopoulos said that from the extensive research, the knowledge and also just the love of the olive oil, he found growers in the Kritsa doing somewhat amazing job among some of oldest olive trees in the Greece.

World's Most Expensive Olive Oil

There acidity is also constantly low.  Plus the Lambda is somewhat produced with some extra control measures. Only certain amount can also be produced somewhat yearly.The modern and the themed packaging and also the optional personalization earned this brand coverage in the design magazines and on shelves of the luxury gift shops.  But the publicity just seems to not have been somewhat enough to move public to buy olive oil, and the sales only amounted to be about 800 liters during last year according to cooperative, which also produces somewhat average of just around 500,000 liters on annual basis.

World's Most Expensive Olive Oil

Most expensive olive oil in the world Brand just splits with the Supplier at around $185 per liter, Lambda just alone occupied top price point for the extra virgin olive oil.  Yet olive oil to fill the Lambda bottles was just straight from the Kritsa’s normal production, said the officials at cooperative same oil for which coop’s farmers were just paid around 2.70 Euros that is US$ 3.57 during last year.  That means that the Lambda’s retail price was also nearly around 52 times what was just paid to producer of oil.

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